Juego Studios has an experienced team of game developers who create metaverse games and gaming platforms. We have expertise in several top metaverse development technologies, blockchains, and AR/VR platforms and create PvP and P2E gaming experiences tailored for the metaverse. Our team helps build and launch a custom gaming metaverse.


Decentralized Gaming Platform Development

We develop decentralized gaming platforms that can host multiple games across genres. In addition, our team has expertise in creating feature-rich platforms scalable to accommodate additional games in the future.

Custom Games Creation

Our team creates custom games from scratch depending on the requirements. We have worked on numerous metaverse game projects, building the game from an initial concept to a functional game.

Metaverse Marketplace Development

We build custom metaverse marketplaces that facilitate the trade and sale of multiple types of assets. Our team integrates top crypto wallets and payment gateways to enable seamless and secure transactions.

Metaverse Game development services we provide you
services offered by Metaverse game development company

Metaverse 3D Environment

Our team of 3D artists builds detailed and immersive 3D metaverse spaces. These environments make users feel like they are in an actual physical space, especially in virtual reality.

NFT Development

We develop NFTs of different types, such as virtual real estate, digital experiences, artworks, avatars, characters, collectibles, etc., hosted on top blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Flow, Cardano, Solana, etc.

Play-to-Earn Game Development

Our team creates play-to-earn gaming experiences across genres. Centered around the P2E mechanic, we also design functional economies that help players monetize their playing time, earning NFTs or in-game currencies in return.

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What our clients say

Well, I signed up to work with Juego Studio for a project and they really exceeded my expectations. The project was delivered on time, with no hiccups whatsoever. They are talented and professional game developers who get the job done without fail. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sam Anthony Gilfred

Sr. Project Manager - Amazon

I was very pleased with the quality of the work we received for our project. They were delivered on time and with very minimal feedback from our team. Juego Studios is good company to work and will be looking to them for our future projects!

Paul Skinner

Director - Wicked Witch Studios

Satisfying yet extremely accommodating software development studios in India, the team at Juego Studios are excellent partners to work with all thanks to the work ethic laid down. Had a wonderful time working with team who was always well versed with technicalities and precise with timelines, deliverables and project planning. Would love to recommend Juego to anyone without hesitation!

Jonathan Fitzgibbons

Project Manager - United-Airlines

It's safe to say that most regular human beings would be shocked and daunted at the idea of having to do a high quality game for iOS and Android, within a deadline of few months. I can honestly say that this work not the case with Juego Studios. They responded reactively, calmly and productively, and ended up delivering a game that both myself, the LatAm team, and users, were very happy with. There is a calm and experienced professionalism to the Juego team, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Josh Saunders

Senior Director, Innovation (Warner- Group)

It was great working with Juego Studios on our gaming application. We truly appreciate the team’s efforts & their commitment to the project.

Mohammad Parham Al Awadhi

Vice President, Group IT - Emirates NBD

We partnered with Juego Studios for the development of Munna Michael, a Bollywood based game & they did a terrific job. Our main concern was to develop a good game within specific timelines and they delivered a quality product. They also help us with theme/event-based updates on a regular basis.

Vaibhavi Parikh

General Manager, Erosnow Games

The Juego Studios team was instrumental in developing one of our recent apps. We were able to supplement our small development team with several more developers that worked on front and backend features. They filled gaps wherever necessary and accelerated our time to market. After release, they continued to help us with new features and bug fixes. I would work again with them if needed.

Robert Baily

Director of Application Programming at JumpStart Games

I want to reach out Juego Team and thank you for all the great work on the SSCS mobile application. Its been a pleasure working with Juego Studios on this project and looking forward to partnering with team again in the future.

Mathew Butler

Mobile Center of Excellence , IEEE




We develop metaverse games of diverse genres ranging from MMORPG, Shooter, Action, RPGs, MOBAs, etc. Our team of seasoned game developers uses cutting-edge game engines such as Unreal, Unity, PlayCanvas, and Godot to build immersive games.



Juego Studios creates custom metaverse platforms to host, develop, and launch games in. Using a custom game creator integrated into the metaverse, users can build their games and monetize them on the platform.



We both integrate NFTs into existing games and build NFT games from scratch. Our team also develops in-game NFT marketplaces that support the trade of multiple types of digital assets such as in-game lands, characters, skins, weapons, etc.



On top of robust blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc., our metaverse game developers create custom crypto tokens tailored for in-game transactions. We also build player-driven economies with play-to-earn mechanics and NFT trading.



Our team creates immersive voxel-based and polygon-based 3D metaverses. The virtual worlds we create are accessible to users through numerous compatible platforms and devices such as desktops, web, mobile, and even virtual reality headsets.



To facilitate rich user interactions and PvP features, the developers at our metaverse game studios build customizable social avatars and multiple communication channels such as voice and chat into the metaverse.


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  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • PlayCanvas
  • Cocos2d-X
  • Phaser
  • Cocos2d-JS
  • PixiJS
  • Three.js
  • Photon
  • Construct


Metaverse game development process we follow


Requirement Gathering

Through productive discussions, the experts of our metaverse game development company gather all the requirements you have. We have a structured communication process in place to ensure we understand all of your ideas.


Research & Concept Creation

To provide the best metaverse game development services possible, our team researches to learn more about the target users and to find reference ideas. Then, we shape the idea into a fully-fledged metaverse design that the entire production team can follow.



Based on the metaverse's requirements, we create the concept art, assets, UI designs, etc. The team follows a uniform art style for asset development and is equally adept at working on 2D and 3D styles.


Game Development

Our team of expert metaverse game developers create the different modules of the game. We use top game engines such as Unity and Unreal to bring out the metaverse idea into its full glory, incorporating all the different features.


Testing & Quality Assurance

Being a dedicated metaverse game development studio, we have experienced quality engineers who test all the features and functionalities in a structured and planned manner. Our team also ensures the metaverse game is release-ready and up to the expected quality standards.


Liveops & Support

Juego offers LiveOps based on analytics data to improve the game beyond the original release for maximum engagement, retention, and monetization. We also provide extensive post-release support.


Requirement Gathering

Through productive discussions, the experts of our metaverse game development company gather all the requirements you have. We have a structured communication process in place to ensure we understand all of your ideas.


Research & Concept Creation

Our team researches to learn more about the target users and to find reference ideas. Then, we shape the idea into a fully-fledged metaverse design that the entire production team can follow.



Based on the metaverse's requirements, we create the concept art, assets, UI designs, etc. The team follows a uniform art style for asset development and is equally adept at working on 2D and 3D styles.


Game Development

Our team of expert metaverse game developers create the different modules of the game. We use top game engines such as Unity and Unreal to bring out the metaverse idea into its full glory, incorporating all the different features.


Testing & Quality Assurance

We have experienced quality engineers who test all the features and functionalities of the metaverse in a structured and planned manner. Our team also ensures the metaverse game is release-ready and up to the expected quality standards.


Liveops & Support

Juego offers LiveOps based on analytics data to improve the game beyond the original release for maximum engagement, retention, and monetization. We also provide extensive post-release support.

What makes us
Stand above the rest

Immersive Experience

Metaverse games are an immersive experience as they transport the players entirely to another virtual world and make them feel like a part of the virtual world. This experience is amplified in virtual reality and mixed reality experiences.

Social Gaming

Being a shared virtual world, metaverse experiences can be social, and because of that, players can have great social experiences shared with loved ones and strangers. Multi-player gaming would be akin to sharing a bonding, adventurous experience.

Newer Monetization Methods

Metaverse gaming can foster novel monetization methods, such as digital assets, virtual real estate, and in-game tokens, that are user-friendlier compared to the existing monetization methods in the market.


Metaverse games can easily be expanded with additional experiences and playable content. You can add new content to the game after consideration of players’ feedback and analysis of their behavior.


What are the different common genres of metaverse games?

Adventure and Action Games

Our metaverse game development studio builds immersive action and adventure games with NFT in-game assets for characters, skins, locations, stadiums, levels, etc., that can be traded in the NFT marketplace within the game’s P2E ecosystem.

Card and Casino Games

We develop immersive action and adventure games with NFT in-game assets for characters, skins, locations, stadiums, levels, etc., that can be traded in the NFT marketplace within the game’s P2E ecosystem.

Racing and Sports Games

We create games belonging to the racing and sports genres incorporating metaverse and Web3.0 elements such as NFTs. Vehicles, characters, props, etc., will be tokenized as NFTs for players to trade.

PvP and RTS Games

Our metaverse game developers have created games that belong to the PvP and RTS genres for the metaverse. We tokenize several aspects of the game such as characters, quests, weapons, etc., and offer seamless multi-player experiences.

What all are involved in metaverse P2E games platform development?

Metaverse Games Infrastructure

At our metaverse game development company, we create a custom platform where players or administrators can host different genres of games for the end-users to experience.

Latest Decentralized Tech

We build metaverse platforms on top of the most advanced and robust blockchain networks, adhering to the latest standards in tokenization, governance, smart contracts, and security.

P2E Mechanics

Through the integration of play-to-earn mechanics into the games right from the design phase, we make sure metaverse games allow users to monetize their playing experience.

Asset-Trade within the Platform

Our metaverse platforms are compatible with the trade of different types of NFT assets and enable easy NFT trade among users.

Interoperable Standards

All assets created within the metaverse platforms will be interoperable and hence players can transfer the assets they own in one game to another one without any compatibility issues.

What is Metaverse in Gaming?

Metaverse integrates online gaming, social networking, cryptocurrency, AR and VR, allowing users to engage digitally. Now players are shifting their gaming interest to the metaverse who were earlier interested in playing online games of genres such as multiplayer games. So in actuality, the concept of playing games in the metaverse is metaverse gaming. The gaming sector incorporated with metaverse lets the players play games and provides them an opportunity to earn money. In today’s world, gaming has become an exciting category in entertainment, specifically playing a prominent role in the development of metaverse platforms. So the metaverse game development will bring massive changes in games from immersive experiences to fantasy worlds.   

With metaverse, gaming offers a next-generation gaming experience to its users, engaging them in a way they never encountered before in such a competitive gaming environment. The primary reason for incorporating metaverse in gaming is to provide users with the next-level three-dimensional environment experience making the interaction among users & in-built gaming elements more personal. Here we analyze in detail the characteristics of a metaverse in gaming:- 

Metaverse as Social Gaming:- 

This feature of the metaverse sets it apart from the traditional VR (virtual reality) experience. As in working style, the metaverse is inseparably social. This kind of multiplayer gaming allows players to invite their friends from the real world, connect with other players, develop relationships, and many such.  

Metaverse in Games-as-Platforms:- 

Users get a superior gaming experience with more flexibility in these games-as-platforms. Users have a lot of options as they can connect easily to the virtual world, can develop sub-games within a game, one can craft their content, and consider the gaming environment as a platform – that is more like a space for various activities. 

Metaverse offers Mixed Reality Gaming Experience:- 

Metaverse combines AR (augmented reality) and mixed reality to offer an organic experience to the users. Such gaming in the metaverse comes up with many options, like incorporating the mixed reality experience in gaming – where the gamers can move from group text in AR to a mixed reality board game to a virtual reality world.  

Metaverse permits Portable Game Assets:- 

The interoperable architecture of the metaverse permits the portability of game assets. It will make way for enhancements of avatars & weapons that are acquired in a game, possibly being portable to a different environment, and NFT rules will control the preservation of ownership.  

Metaverse facilitates Play-to-Earn:- 

One of the crucial elements of gaming in the metaverse is the play-to-earn model. In this model, players can engage in different profitable activities, such as selling assets to other users in exchange for crypto that they have won in the game. The linear storytelling and rules take place simultaneously. 

Though the metaverse is in its early stages, it attracts a massive volume of investments from several gaming companies. Moreover, many metaverse game studios provide exceptional services in this field to conquer the opportunities available. Every top metaverse game development company is doing its best to grab gaming projects and become a prominent player in this gaming industry. 

How to Hire a Metaverse Game Development Company?

In today’s time, Metaverse is one of the popular technologies growing continuously, and it can soon become the gaming industry’s future. It is adopted by social media, game developers, and crypto professionals. Metaverse is a digital environment modeled to integrate augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), media platform technologies, and blockchain. There are several steps to creating a metaverse game. Business professionals are looking to hire metaverse game development companies as their technology experts. Hiring a metaverse gaming company can be one of the crucial factors in developing a metaverse game. If you are not proficient in creating a metaverse game but have a plan to develop it, you can hire a metaverse game development company that is skilled to help you with the development of the game. 

Factors to consider while hiring a Metaverse Game Development Company:- 

Choosing the right company can bring a massive change as such companies will deliver the best end product. Before finalizing with a company, here are a few factors that you need to consider:-  

Strength of the Team:- 

Choosing a company with more employees will be better than a company with fewer employees. With more staff, the organization will be able to handle any game development demand, irrespective of a major or a minor one. It determines that size is one of the best measures of an organization’s capabilities. With such bigger teams in a company, they can quickly help you to design your game from start to end. You can immediately reach out to the different aspects of a team, varying from game production, design, development, testing, art, and many others. 

Portfolio of Work:- 

Always look out for the portfolio of the work the company delivered to their clients in the past. It is necessary to analyze their knowledge and skills in the field. You need to check if the company is honest in communicating its work and if it is aligning with your goals of making a metaverse game. Make sure your chosen company has extraordinary game development experience and UI/UX expertise. 

Assessing the interest in your work by evaluating their first impression:- 

The reputed and best organizations are highly concerned about their first impression. One can rely on this factor that gives accurate information about the company’s work quality. Pay attention to the companies who are not responsive or do not answer your queries on time, and do not collaborate with such companies for your metaverse game. Never partner with an organization that is not serious about its work, as work quality only depends on such criteria.   

Understand your requirements in prior:- 

Hiring a metaverse game development company will give you the best results if you understand and know the requirements for your game. Have an organized plan listing your requirements that need to be evaluated at the game development or later. It could lead to a high chance of an unsuccessful partnership if there is any misunderstanding of the requirement from either side. Have a track to know your project status by communicating regularly.   

Is It Safe to Invest in The Metaverse Game?

In any investment, one must consider several factors before taking an initial step, and the same is the case for investing in the metaverse. It’s not for everyone to invest in the metaverse because this field is unpredictable, so it certainly is not a good idea. One needs to be careful with the asset one wants to invest in as there are possibilities of bringing you a lot of fortune by investing in the metaverse game development. Therefore, doing good research is preferred before investing in the metaverse. At the same time, investors have a chance to make a tremendous amount of money by investing in the metaverse. Since the metaverse offers a unique way for people to play games & socialize, it can be considered one of the best long-term crypto investments. It is pretty challenging to estimate price movements over the long term, but some successful projects provide high ROI, which is why it appeals to many.  

Best Investment Opportunities in the Metaverse Game:- 

Here are a few different ways to directly invest in the metaverse game, irrespective of whether you are a gamer, NFT creator, or a crypto investor:- 

In-Game NFTs:- 

When it comes to gaming in the metaverse, there are two ways to invest, and they are:- 

In-Game Assets are used to Play-to-Earn:- 

Many NFT games are adopting the Play-to-Earn model so that the players can earn in-game rewards or cryptocurrencies by battling against one another. For example, let’s consider Axie Infinity, which is a popular game. In this game, players can go into battle in the Arena or Adventure mode to earn an in-game reward, Smooth Love Potions (SLP). Players can use this reward for trading cryptocurrency on crypto exchanges like Binance or breeding new Axies. However, one should also understand that many NFT-based games are created for entertainment without monetization options, as not all NFT-based games use a play-earn system.     

Selling and Buying In-Game Assets:- 

The users are allowed to buy, sell and trade NFT collectibles in many NFT-based games. Players can trade them on marketplaces such as NFT marketplace or gaming marketplaces. There are various options as In-game NFTs that are power-up potions, cosmetic items, crafted weapons, and many more. In addition, one can purchase exclusive in-game items and start the process.  

Soon the metaverse game development is becoming a hotspot for digital gaming as the universe is quickly switching to the digital space. The top brands and tech giants are starting to recognize this platform’s investment potential and viability as the metaverse games world is tremendously expanding. The platform attracts more investors worldwide, especially in the NFTs space, with growth in this ecosphere. Investing in the metaverse games is not only limited to trading and holding onto the tokens; users can also play games, buy NFT avatars, and much more. Investing in metaverse games can present a risk at any time. But having a digital property within a metaverse platform could prove valuable someday, considering its unpredictable nature. You have an option to do extensive research on this and seek out help.  

Why Outsource Metaverse Game Development?

Outsourcing the services for Metaverse Game Development is the best option. Outsourcing is the correct option if you want to develop an outstanding metaverse game. Unfortunately, not all companies can help your business grow in the right direction. Only a few top-notch metaverse game development companies provide the best services in this arena to help your business expand to horizons in the virtual world. Outsourcing is the appreciative option if you want your game to stand out from the big games available to generate impressive revenue for you. But there are various considerations before choosing a metaverse gaming company for outsourcing its services. Here are the critical points to look out. 

Points to consider while Outsourcing Metaverse Game Development:- 

Some of the valuable services offered by a few best companies on outsourcing metaverse game development are here:- 

Return on Investment (ROI) is a top factor to consider:- 

The primary reason for outsourcing is to expand your business by improving the reach of your metaverse games from desktops to smartphones. Outsourcing services from a metaverse game development company must provide you with a plan to monetize your application and its development, increasing your brand return on investment to a grander scale. So consider outsourcing from a company that provides the best services to its clients in a way meeting your goals & requirements. 

Proficiency in Technical Skills:- 

Your outsourcing partner should be proficient in technical skills in developing a metaverse game for you, matching your demands & needs. In addition, the organization you are planning to outsource from must be experienced and expert in designing & delivering the product desired by you. Also, look out if the organization is equipped with the best app development frameworks. Finally, as a business owner, you must own the copyright of the code that goes into your metaverse game. 

Good Communication Channel:- 

Smooth communication is of utmost essential to receive continuous project updates. However, due to different time zones, it might be difficult for the developers to stay in touch with you and communicate an update on your game. Therefore, it will lead to a communication gap hampering the proper channel between you and your outsourcing partner. So before choosing an outsourcing partner, ensure that they use an authenticated channel through live chat, email, virtual meeting platform, or any other media. Maintaining a proper communication channel is essential to smoothen your app’s functionalities in the desired manner. 

Data or Information Security:- 

For every business organization, data or information security is of high importance. Your outsourcing metaverse gaming partner must handle common security concerns for the app, such as storage security and deployment. It will negatively impact your application performance if you don’t take care of such measures. The company you plan to choose should take appropriate actions to secure the valuable data and must understand the value of your information & data. You must secure your data from malware and cyber-attacks through your outsourcing partner. 

Along with the above factors, you must ensure that the estimated timeline of project completion is met and your outsourcing company also signs a non-disclosure agreement. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Metaverse Game?

Online gaming has been everyone’s favorite for many years now, especially after the advent of tokenization; users love it as online gaming facilitates them to earn and trade money. The evolution of the metaverse has brought tremendous changes to the online gaming industry, as players can now win virtual items they can sell to earn real money. The cost of developing a metaverse game varies based on the features included in the game. In addition, the technologies used in making a metaverse game will also add to the cost of the metaverse game, making it a  costly affair to develop. It depends on the needs and requirements that go into your game. Here are the various factors determining the cost of building a metaverse game. 

Factors determining the Cost to make a Metaverse Game:- 

It requires expertise to craft a perfect metaverse-based game, and developing it requires more effort and time; hence, the cost will vary accordingly. The major factors that significantly affect the metaverse game development costs are:- 

Decentralized Database:- 

You will need a decentralized database to store the information if you plan to develop a metaverse game on a large scale. It is required as it helps in splitting the workload among multiple machines and complicated algorithms to keep things on track and in balance. So you will have to pay more for the more database you require. Hence both are equally proportional to each other in taking the cost to high or low. 

Expertise Developers:- 

You will need dedicated developers as the entire process of metaverse game development requires expertise. So as compared to a newbie or a developer with basic skills, experienced developers will charge relatively high, making the cost rise. Therefore, it will be advisable for you to look for a metaverse gaming company that offers good services at a reasonable price. 

Best UI/UX Designers:- 

You also need the best UI/UX designer along with dedicated developers who can create a unique and fantastic design for your metaverse game. So this is also another cost addition factor for your game. 

3D Modelers:- 

3D Modelers impact the cost of developing the metaverse game to a greater extent, as it is crucial in making it successful. It will grab the user’s attention in no time by inserting the 3D modelers that make your game go live. So the type of 3D modeler you choose for your metaverse game will affect the cost by increasing or decreasing it. 

Features, Tech Stack & Others:- 

Metaverse games have unique features, tech stack, and other crucial elements like any other game. So incorporating them will add to the price to make your metaverse game. The above factors play a pivotal role in determining the cost of your metaverse game.  

Along with the above, testers, Quality Assurance, and others too play an essential role in affecting the cost. So inserting them wisely that aligns with your business needs, goals, demands, and budget that you are aiming for is required. 

How Do You Create a Game in Metaverse?

Developing a game in the metaverse is not easy. There are several complicated steps involved in creating a metaverse game. Many business professionals hire any top metaverse game development company to build their metaverse games. So there are various steps to consider to make a metaverse game. 

Steps to Create a Game in Metaverse:- 

Here are a few basic steps to follow in making a metaverse game and these are:- 

Business Idea:- 

Metaverse game development starts with an exciting business idea like any other mobile game development process. It is not required for your idea to be unique, but it must serve users’ needs and demands, improving the functionality existing in the metaverse and many such. As this is the beginning phase, take some time and develop an idea that meets your business needs. 

Doing good Market Research:- 

It is crucial to understand the current market by knowing about your target audience, competitors, and various metaverse-based projects. It will help you overcome the loopholes in the current system with your metaverse technology. It will also help you discover good ways to implement by understanding the significant prospects of your business in advance. This research needs to be done before you hire a metaverse gaming company professional to create a metaverse.   

Best Metaverse Game Development Company Experts are hired:- 

Before choosing to hire a company, check if the company has skilled developers and other experts who must be well-versed with the latest tools & technologies and have worked on some of the best projects. Try emphasizing quality over quantity in letting you know the cost of building a metaverse. 

UI/UX Development & Prototyping Begins:- 

It is the stage where you must design the user interface, develop & optimize the user flow, and create the system’s information architecture. Here comes the significance of UI/UX design. The design should be in a way that it must offer a real-time experience to the users virtually; the appearance & design must grab the user’s attention. The design will act as a prototype and be displayed to the end users as a future product.  

Metaverse Development Process Begins:- 

The actual metaverse game development process begins now. You can start this by availing metaverse development services and sharing your business requirements with them. Try incorporating the latest tech stack (including – backend, frontend, mobile game language, database, storage, cloud infrastructure, and frameworks) as per your budget & business requirements to make your metaverse game stand out. 

Test & Deploy your Metaverse Game:- 

Test your metaverse game carefully with the QA specialists. The testers should test your game product for bugs, usability, functionality, compliance, and other specifications. The testing stage is as important as developing a metaverse game because the users will be satisfied with an error-free game bringing you success and profit. Also, try testing for smart contracts if you have inserted them during development. 

Launch the Game in your Metaverse:- 

It is time to launch your metaverse game successfully and deploy it to a local and cloud server. Then, depending on the platform’s availability, add your metaverse game to the stores, including App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Amazon App Store, etc. 

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