Munna Michael

Dance & Run gets featured on Google Play Store

PRESS RELEASE : August 01, 2017

Munna Michael

Dance & Run, Juego Studios first Bollywood inspired game developed for Eros Now, was featured on the Google Play Store in the first week of its release. The game made it to the list of top 3 trending games, and was also featured as No 1 in the adventure category and No 27 in the overall category.

Released as a companion to the Bollywood movie Munna Michael starring Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Munna Michael: Dance & Run is a classic endless runner game set on the streets of Mumbai, where players have to dodge cars, buses and other obstacles to collect coins. The primary character is developed in the likeness of Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, who plays the movie’s protagonist. The game employs a simple backstory based on the movie, where the player has to race to the venue of the Dancing Star competition, while dodging the obstacles placed in his path. Players can choose from three standard difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard.

The game also features power-ups like the Handkerchief, which lets you cruise through all hurdles, the Magnet to attract coins and the Hoodie jacket, that lets you crush all obstacles. Released as free to play, the game uses in-app purchases as a monetization strategy and includes standard leaderboard and social sharing features.

Munna Michael: Dance & Run was developed for both iOS and Android platforms using the Unity game engine. Basic menu items and a short backstory, delivered efficiently via static screens ensure that players can get to the game easily. Player controls have been kept simple for easy gameplay – players swipe left, right or jump and slide to avoid obstacles.The game includes character animations for Tiger Shroff’s and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s personas. Trailers and clips from the movie were carefully studied to create dance animations for Tiger Shroff. For the lighting effects, the team drew inspiration from other popular games to create an appropriate mood for the game. The munna michael game soundtrack also features original songs from the movie.

Check Out the Game Here

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