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Juego Studios pioneers in working with WebXR API which gives input and output capabilities to VR and AR devices like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google’s Daydream and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It has enabled us to create VR and AR enabled websites that one can view through a VR headset and AR enabled phone. Actually VR and AR applications require low latency and high precision interfaces to get an acceptable and sub par experience. This has been enabled by the WebXR API which we have excelled over. We have developed a stunning WebXR app using AR.js and three.js and are in the process of creating more of such ones. 

There have been a lot of reality technologies that are mushrooming in the tech world. Virtual Reality means that it can take you anywhere in the virtual space. Augmented Reality is where any virtual element can be brought to you. There’s a fine distinction right there and these technologies are gaining traction in increasing phases. Lately there is a talk of a new reality technology in town and that is the mixed reality. It is the merging of the real and virtual worlds to bring out new environments and visualizations. Here the physical and digital objects are symbiotic and interact in real time. There can come another reality technology but the purpose of WebXR is to provide a robust foundation to all of them. Technocrats have given an umbrella term called extended reality(XR) that encompasses all reality technologies like AR, VR, mixed reality and everything in between.

WebXR API was incepted keeping in mind the feedback of many real world content and it successfully tackles the many issues they faced. The APIs which we use gives way for extended AR functionality, forward compatibility with a wide range of devices. It is cleaner, more consistent and more predictable than the WebVR and we found that more enhanced optimizations can be applied via browsers through WebXR API. There’s also other device APIs like OpenXR API but it doesn’t have the same capabilities as the superior WebXR device API for native applications.

The WebXR API gives a strong structure to the different ways AR and VR expose views of reality around the user. It also exposes the common concepts in AR platforms like the Anchors in Hololens, ARKit and ARCore. Our developers say from their experience that they were better able to create web applications that conformed to each platform. You can find these examples running in WebVR and WebAR enabled browsers like Firefox. The WebXR ecosystem creators are also enhancing browser support for Mixed Reality on the web.

The aim of WebXR is to enable XR applications to

  • Detect AR/VR devices
  • Find out about the device’s capabilities
  • Gauge the device’s position and orientation
  • Displaying image on the device in an appropriate framerate

Working of WebXR enabled device

  • Request an XR device
  • Advertise XR functionality to the user if there’s a device available
  • If the user activates the XR functionality then request an immersive session from the device
  • Render loop is run within the session which produces graphical frames to be displayed on the XR device
  • Until the user exits keep producing frames
  • Come out of the XR session

Why to choose WebXR Development Services from Juego Studios?

We have time and again ventured into emerging frameworks and technologies and have made a name for ourselves. In a time when even Mixed Reality is still budding in the reality technology we have pioneered the development of WebXR applications that acts like a superset development platform of VR, AR and MR and any other reality technology that will come in future. It is our commitment and promise that we will not only scale up in our expertise and knowledge of WebXR platform but also scale out to include more personnel on this platform. Needless to say the most obvious application of this platform will be in the game development which is our lifeblood. It is therefore obvious why we are so serious and dedicated on this WebXR API when even the ecosystem is still in its infant stage. Those who need help in developing applications on this platform can rest assured that we are aptly competent for the job.


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