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The smartphone penetration has got the users especially kids using various educational apps that have made their learning more easy. The benefit derived from using educational apps is that they help to learn intricate and complex subjects in an engaging way. At Juego Studios, we pioneer in the development of such apps which have greatly helped in learning in a fun and gamified way. Our clients are really impressed with us in the way we have paid attention to detail even in the most trivial aspects on the concepts that they provided.

To teach complex academic concepts in an engaging and interesting way gamification is the first thing that comes to our mind. Firms, educational institutions are now shifting to edutainment apps to teach complex subject content which have educational and entertainment value.


To safeguard electric power substations from animal intrusions IEEE has come out with 1264-2015 standards which gives comprehensive methods and designs for it. We developed the game around these standards to inculcate the knowledge of hazards as per IEEE to people. There are various deterrents around these substations that when small animals pass through them they leave it damaged.

The story plot revolves around the engineer Eddy who has placed many deterrents to keep animals away from Metropolis Power Substation and hires Zappy to break through them. The player plays as Zappy and has to run, climb and jump and use tools to overcome obstacles while collecting as many acorns as possible. The app has 2D perspective graphics which enhances the character and the interface is simple. As the gameplay progresses the powerups are gradually unlocked. This teaches the players about IEEE standards in an interesting and fun way.



Being awarded a 5 star rating by the Educational App Store, Duck on the run is a treat to toddlers of 4-10 years. Children get to play as duck and have to escape from the feather seeking pig with the time clock ticking. In the challenge mode the players can revise persistently on specific maths operations. Did you know that the game uses anonymised data for academic research and for creating a bond between children, parents and academia?

There are 25 levels and 5 mini games within the game which intend to enhance the maths and logic skills in the game.

This is an app which aims to improve:

  • Active learning: Duck can only be saved by solving math problems
  • Highly engaged learning process: No distractions especially from ads and the UI and gameplay is simple
  • Meaningful learning: Improves existing math knowledge on specific skills
  • Social interaction: Parents and teachers can set goals and reward achievements for good performance

Mini Games:

  • Playing with shapes
  • Finishing sequences
  • Recognising numbers
  • Understanding mechanics of maths operations
  • Problem solving

We developed the collectibles to be fruits and the choice of questions is really well thought of. They consist of number recognition, pattern recognition series and arithmetic operations and the complexity increases as the levels progress. They test the skill levels of the players in the game. This was a long game which we took considerable time to finish and it came out really well.


This Readyk! app prepares the kids with the skills required to excel in the kindergarten. Not only that the app also generates detailed reports of the kids’ learning. It is actually developed as per the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This will let the parents and teachers to really know about the kids’ strengths and weaknesses and how exactly they can improve. This is suitable for kids of the age group 3-6 years.

The app has 12 scenes with increasing levels of difficulty. It consists of 8 skill sets namely:

  • Quantitative language
  • Basic literacy which includes alphabetical knowledge, phonological awareness and vocabulary
  • Visual skills which includes visual scanning, event sequencing, classification and pattern recognition skills
  • Color awareness
  • Geometry
  • Math awareness
  • Descriptive language
  • Positional understanding

It turned out to be a significant advantage to the parents as they could now decide as to which kindergarten to choose for their kids. It consists of mind boggling 300 activities which will thoroughly assess the kids’ ability.


It is imperative to understand the functioning of our biological ecosystem and the manner how it impacts our life. The purpose of the app is to make the users of the application deeply understand the ecological balance and about the food chain system in the cycle. There are various parameters like energy , nectar , sun , air , water etc which are used to depict their values in the game. There are various custom AI programmed for nectar plants, nut trees, butterfly, chickadees, deer mice and owl which we have involved in the game. The player progresses through each level specified below and learns something about the ecosystem in the process. He learns the interactions between various animals and plants in the ecosystem and about it through the meters specified above.

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